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Movie: Confidential Assignment (2017)
Runtime: 125 minutes
Uploaded: 2017-07-20
When a crime organization from North Korea crosses borders and enters South Korean soil| a South Korean detective must cooperate with a North Korean detective to
investigate their whereabouts.

Movie: First Kill (2017)
Runtime: 97 minutes
Uploaded: 2017-07-20
In an attempt to reconnect with his son Danny| successful Wall Street broker Will takes his family on a vacation to the cabin where he grew up. While Will and Danny
are hunting| their trip takes a deadly turn when they witness the murder of a crooked police officer as a bank robbery goes awry. When Danny is taken hostage by the
criminals| Will is forced to help them evade the police chief investigat...

Movie: The Circle (2017)
Runtime: 110 minutes
Uploaded: 2017-07-19
When Mae is hired to work for the world's largest and most powerful tech and social media company, she sees it as an opportunity of a lifetime. As she rises through the ranks, she is encouraged by the company's founder, Eamon Bailey, to engage in a groundbreaking experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy, ethics and ultimately her personal freedom. Her participation in the experiment, and every decis...

Movie: The Girl from the Song (2017)
Runtime: 102 minutes
Uploaded: 2017-07-20
A young musician travels to Burning Man, a psychedelic festival in the middle of the Nevada desert, in an attempt to get the impetuous girl he has fallen in love with.