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e drama begins when handsome Johannes Riemann (as Richard de la Croix) is summoned to an asylum, to check on insane brother Alfred Abel (as Andreas de la Croix). . Steinruck and moves in with Riemann. Negri, she leaves Mr. Riemann finds Ms. Presently, when Mr. Abel insane. Abel, a lowly engineer, for his well-heeled boss Albert Steinrück (as George Bertink); this helped drive Mr. As we see in a later flashback, the alluring Pola Negri (as Sappho) left the innocent Mr

Mad Love
Movie name :Mad Love (1921)
imdb ref: Mad Love
Language of movie:
Movie time: 83 minutes
Category: Drama,  
Cast: Pola Negri,   Johannes Riemann,   Alfred Abel,   Albert Steinrück,   Helga Molander,   Otto Treptow,   Elsa Wagner,   Ellinor Gynt,  

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