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gins when an opera ghost terrorizes the cast and crew of the French Opera House while tutoring a chorus girl. Will Raoul, the Vicomte, be able to stop this dastardly plan?. The Phantom is outraged by their love and kidnaps Christine to be his eternal bride. Meanwhile, His pupil falls in love with the Vicomte de Chagny, but the Phantom is in love with Christine, his student. The ghost demands they keep giving his protégé lead roles. The girl is able to sing lead one night but the soprano doesn't want her show stolen so she comes back. He finally drives the lead soprano crazy so she and her friend leave

The Phantom of the Opera
Movie name :The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
imdb ref: The Phantom of the Opera
Language of movie: English
Movie time: 128 minutes
Category: Drama,   Musical,   Romance,   Thriller,  
Cast: Gerard Butler,   Patrick Wilson,   Emmy Rossum,   Minnie Driver,  
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