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The story in "Silver" is about women wrestler who is really an undercover agent. Disguised as a wrestling warrior, heroine Jun Shirogane (Atsuko Sakuraba) goes after the gang that killed her family in Takashi Miike's action-packed thriller. Aided by secret service colleague Yusuke Minamida (Kenji Haga), Jun goes undercover as Silver, a formidable fighter in the professional women's wrestling circuit. But Jun's success in the ring doesn't detract her from her primary mission -- exacting revenge on the Paradise gang.

Silver - shirubaa
Title :Silver - shirubaa (1999)
Popular: GOOD
Country: Japanese
Runtime: 79 minutes
Genre: Thriller,  
Stars: Atsuko Sakuraba,   Kenji Haga,   Shinobu Kandori,   Rumi Kazama,   Hisao Maki,   Fujio Matsushima,   Kôji Tsukamoto,  
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