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Tony Leung Hung Wa contributes a new entry into the hopping vampire and sorcery genre that was at its peak in the mid-eighties. Southern Mao and Northern Ma are professional corpse escorts. They have been given the task of escorting a pair of lovers, Wong and Jenny, to their final resting place. Mao and Ma take on the job, accompanied by their apprentices, and begin their journey. But a dark wizard, Ha La Chak, is on their trail, searching for a secret letter possibly concealed within Wong's body.

Guen see sin sang
Title :Guen see sin sang (2001)
Popular: EXCITED
Country: Cantonese
Runtime: 91 minutes
Genre: Horror,  
Stars: Kathy Chow,   Yee-Man Man,   Yiu-Cheung Lai,   King-Tan Yuen,   Gallen Law,   Jude Poyer,   Wah Yuen,  
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