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In this sweeping swordplay saga from Korea, a dedicated band of warriors from the Baekje Dynasty travel to Japan in hopes of mending the broken Heaven's Sword and restoring Baekje to its former glory. 30 years later, the only surviving warrior Woo-do vows to complete the task by seeking out Kanemaru, the master of swords, and bring the Heaven's Sword back to life. SAULABI is a spectacular Samurai epic with action choreographed by longtime Akira Kurosawa collaborator Eizi Takakura (Samurai Fiction).

Title :Saulabi (2002)
Popular: GOOD
Country: Korean
Runtime: 0 minutes
Genre: War,  
Stars: Jae-Sung Choi,   Takaaki Enoki,   Sang Hyun Lee,   Masako Umemiya,   Kung-won Nam,  
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