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Torn by years in an abusive marriage, an emotional Ellie Rose arrives alone at the family cabin along a broken East US coastline. Her story and motives for being there are unclear. Arriving unprepared and packed with few supplies she seems anxious at either leaving or someone else arriving. The cabin unused for years, still holds memories providing hints of a shattered family. Plagued by her childhood and nightmares of her murdered family; Ellie anxiously prepares for an unwelcome visitor. Before long her nightmares turn real and those horrors that stalk her mind transform into the reality of everyday life. Imprisoned by her own actions and haunted by the ghosts of her past, Ellie soon starts to spiral out of control. The waiting is over...Ellie finally confronts her fears, her family and the truth.

The Haunting of Ellie Rose
Title :The Haunting of Ellie Rose (2015)
Popular: GOOD
Country: English
Runtime: 80 minutes
Genre: Action,   Horror,  
Stars: Unknown
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